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George on Transit

George Stroumboulopoulos on public transit and its importance; a must watch video. He said better than most people understand the important of a better transit services. Watch the clip between 4- 8 minutes after the commercial.


Please pull your heads from the sand (or snow)

Some passengers should understand the nature of our work. We have fewer (or many now) runs that were designed in such a way not to allow anytime doing our job properly.

Runs like 137, 168, 12 and 85 we can start on time (on the dot) and drive as we suppose to without serving even any passengers, we will be finishing few minutes late at the end.

In that note to all the passengers who are running for buses, you must understand you are forcing the bus to run more delayed. Especially during rush hours, if you can’t be at the bus stop ready to board, holding the bus few seconds more will make the bus minutes late.

Please have your payments and POP ready before the bus pull in to serve the stop. If you can do this just before we open the doors, you will be doing this on YOUR TIME. If you are choosing to do this after you board while holding up others you are doing this on our RUN TIME. It is important to have it ready to avoid further delays.

Please let go your phones and other electronic gadgets and reach for that thing you want to show us as POP. Refusing to have your hands free and doing disco by the windshield as we start driving is not safe way to do things. I may choose to wait till you produce your POP unless your hands are free to hold on to the bars and yet standing dangerously at the front.

When you see more than couple of passengers waiting to board through the front door (usually most busy transit way stations) please use the back door to exit. The back door is for the sole purpose of exit anyway. Pushing yourself through the mass of passengers is like swimming against the flow. You are also adding more to the delays.

To some operators asking to hold for transferring passengers during rush hours, often the entire run is a hold up. Your request to hold any further is sometime irritating to hear over the radio. Please lay off the request and wait for after peak hours or use only horn to let other driver know so the other driver can make that call to wait depend on their situation.

The core problem is that scheduling changes and cuts to the run time making many runs intolerable to work the way we were train to do our job.

Please understand the co relation between holdings up a bus and getting late for connections, pull your head from the sand and get real or stop getting upset for missing connections. Learn to value the time that we haven’t got to do our job anyway. Caring less about causing more delays and barking at the bus driver for being late is not going to resolve anything.

There are many thing that can cause a bus to run late, let us all work together on few things that is unnecessarily adding to the problem.  We, the drivers can’t fix all the problems at OC with two pedals and a steering wheel while some of you are refusing to co-operate with us.




Cancelled trips

Does anyone noticed missing busses on Friday (today)? Lot of bus drivers refused to accept calls for overtime requests today. Between 5.30 am to 19.00 pm I counted 186 cancelled trips for lack of operators. Some of them may be direct result of drivers refusing to accept OT.  


Dear 96 passengers please don’t come and ask me to let you off at 417 to Eaglson left turn lights. It’s not safe. City is not liable and I am not stupid.

The answer is always NO.